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Customs Clearance Services

Customs Clearance Services

BRExit No Panic Customs Clearance 24/7 and Transit T1/T2 documentation

We offer 24/7 custom clearance facility in Dover and other ports in the UK and offer free advise on how to prevent delays and costs where possible. We operate with AEO procedures and aim to provide continuous quality in all aspects of logistics.

Customs Clearance FAQ

What is customs clearance?

Customs clearance is the process of declaring goods as they move through a border, whether importing or exporting. This is so that HMRC can gather statistical data on the country’s imports and exports, ensure that goods are travelling with the required licenses and certification, and collect any taxes that are due on a consignment. Customs clearance is also required when moving suspended goods outside of a customs-designated area, such as a bonded warehouse, or when cancelling an inward processing relief. This is because the goods have not yet been released into free circulation, and so another declaration is needed to pay the taxes or declare that the goods are moving to another location.

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